Physicians and Providers

Dear Physician,

The Echo House Multi-Service Center is a private non- profit Out Patient Substance Abuse Treatment facility. We want to encourage you to provide your Buprenorphine patients to consider our treatment program as part of your medical services. Diversion prevention is our collective goal.

Most of your patients are successfully managing the detoxification or stabilization protocol unfortunately some are not. We believe that conditional prescriptions (with counseling) can reduce diversion and increase the recovery outcome. We provide individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling. We also, have a licensed therapist available for assessment and sessions. It has been our experience that clients that are on a physician assisted protocol of Buprenorphine that are also receiving intensive outpatient (level II) counseling have significant success.

We know you are busy and we respect your time, so let us know when we can meet you and offer you the benefits of partnering with us. We all want the best for our patients. We look forward to meeting with you and developing a mutually productive partnership.


Benita G. Paschall

Executive Director, Echo House Multi-Service Center


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