echo house has served the community for 48 years

The History of Echo House Multi-Service Center

Echo House was founded in 1964 by Howard Offit. Mr. Offit owned R&S Construction Company and many rental properties in Baltimore Cty, Maryland. Many of his tenants were low income families.

Seeking a way to improve the social and economic conditions of these families, Mr. Offit sought the help of several prominent individuals: Veri Lewis, former Dean of the University of Maryland School of Social Work; Stanley Mazer, former Assistant for Urban Renewal; and Daniel Thurz, Associate Director of VISTA. Together, they developed a plan to organize families in the Franklin Square neighborhood and recruit volunteers to work to improve the quality of life and sense of the community.

In 1966, Echo House became a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation. A few of the notable individuals who were members of the first Board of Directors included: the late Caswell Caplan, owner of Time Reality; the late Stuart Rome, Attorney; former Maryland Comptroller, Governor and Mayor of Baltimore William Donald Schaefer; Charles Tildon, Consultant; and Robert Embry, President of the Able Foundation.





Our Substance Abuse Programs

Will stop physical symptoms associated with Opiate addiction (heroin, percocet, etc...). more
We can assist you in overcming the psychological issues that make "using" the only options. more

We have provided services to support families in State of Maryland for four decades.more

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